New Updated Look!

Soar Halifax Designed Site

This blog post is to introduce you to the new site design that has been created with the end user in mind. Please contact me if you like it or have any recommendations for me.

I chose to not go too overboard with the new design and keep it as simple as possible for superior site navigation. Some of the design concepts were created from observing some really cool website like Interior Designs which focuses for on home interiors but designs can come in any shape or form! I enjoyed the colors and architecture they used for their site.

Also, to learn a bit more in detail about what I’m going for you can visit this article I posted a little while ago

Anyway, I wanted to keep this short and let you know what was going on with the new site. I got a lot of interesting content coming your way so make sure to check back with us routinely. I am very excited and look forward to this journey!

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you and responding to (hopefully) a lot of comments.

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